Decision making anxiety

Does anxiety cause poor decision making? This way or that? Should I stay or should I go? Is she the one? Yeah, she ticks a lot of boxes. As a person she is reliable and caring, so unlike the ex. Still not sure, that does sound really tame and boring.Maybe she’s a bit suspect, things don’t quite add up. Should I trust my instincts and get out before I get hurt or do I just cruise along, enjoy one day at a time and learn to chill?mpairment’s which amazingly pop up on cue:

Maybe this is my opportunity to play.Is the hardest decision the right one? At some point we all face a version of this quandary, it could refer to many areas of our life.One of the first steps in creating the life we want is to make a well thought through decision. Indecisiveness is painful, do you veer to over-rational analytics or just move quickly now and face the consequences later?If you think too hard and wait too long you’ll end with a different set of problems.

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