Living in Lockdown

Lockdown Living:

Which has the severest impact:
Long term job loss, economic downturn, psychological downturn or CV2?
The secondary wave of ill health I predict is not CV2
We know there’ll be CV2 impacts but can we be Mindful in advance?

Has the health board considered mental impacts?

If your anxiety is rising now how well did you care for your mental health before?
How do I cope with panic attacks, elevated stress & sleeplessness, addiction & overeating, lockup & loneliness?

We’re all wired differently but kept up close and personal we may feel whatever those near us feel: if they’re not calm & coping our irritation will rise in harmony
with our moods swinging on their emotional roller coasters

If were suffering GAD, PTSD, stress & anxiety before, government advise won’t ease those symptoms.
Will washing hands 100 times a day or social isolation help?
Are you joining the joggers more often or soothing the enforced frustrations with a home delivered brew?
Are you snapping at your partner or soothing your loved ones with kindness and compassion?
When routine and regular habits are like yesterday’s news it’s easier to spoil yourself yet healthier to love and look after yourself.
If we’re not tech savvy experts now do we now give/ get the message we are loved?
Funny how we saw the downside to social media, online apps & TV games before and now they’re an advantage:
We capitalise on the tools of connection, treat tv as online childcare
We’ve seen a real uptick in telemedicine so why not telecounselling?

It may seem like a stopgap but counselling over the phone works and it’s better than none at all.

Who’s there to offload to when social intimacy is 2 metres distance ?
How else can you step out of your comfort zone when you can’t leave any zone?
Is CV2 style mental health (Online Counselling) an indulgence and
maladaptive mechanisms, impact on parenting, cabin-fever acceptance?

Online Counselling can’t predict the future but it helps release its hold and recognise alternatives. Have you ever tried?

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