Lockdown Living

Learn to slow down, you’re not going anywhere, you can’t.Try learning pootling and pottering, you can’t see people or friends or do things.

You have permission to do nothing, you can pamper yourself or even return to childhood. Join Johnie and play dinosaurs, read Dr Seuss or join the joggers.

Lockdown doesn’t have to be the anxiety provoking pandemic it’s portrayed.
Yes, we see eerily silent streets and friends we don’t recognise wearing masks, play areas are cordoned off however, it is possible to enjoy this strange interlude.

You can escape the pre Covid pressure of perfect parenting with it’s obligatory:

Crafts & culture, music & songs, fun & games, mumtessori start & Kumon quick maths
No pressure kiddo, of course the local comp is ok at the end of the day,
I mean it when I say you’re free to be you.
Choicelessness externally helps question purpose internally:
the spotless home I long for, dare I be different ?
the designer garden complete with £1m BBQ for the very few?
plastic grass / wild flower meadow?
Can we allow yourself alternatives to 2020s perfection?
Can you tell yourself :
“Covid is a mixed blessing, look at all I’ve learned in addition to Johnie,
I’m doing a great job as a parent (and nanny and employee),
I hope things stay like this “
if Lockdown is beginning to feel like lockup

Brace yourself
What you want to sort might be what decides to stick.
To help resolve what that might be remember life is full of paradoxes,
solutions to whatever keeps us awake pop up when not trying to think
So, if feeling at the edge of your limit is part of life right now be kind, to you!
Invest in counselling, I’m online and here to help.

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