Moving the goalposts

As a child, we’re guided pointedly towards the need for goals.

“What do you want to do when you grow up?”
“Paint pictures” is laughed off. “Help those in need” is not seen as a serious goal.
We learn money is the measure of success that needs addressing.

 Most parents highlight how money and a chosen profession is the only way to fulfilment. But are we in danger of killing awareness of the soul’s pleasure? Is success wearing the gown or having a partner to happily dine with you? Is ambition the image of Nigel the neighbour making big bucks or following your vision of setting the world to rights? 

Do you dare defy the boundaries set down at 3 or explore the limits of your horizon in teenage years? Does your vision lead to success or wax and wane while getting nowhere? Are you a follower or an individual with awareness? If you want to explore the dynamics of your potential, counselling can help.

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