Musings on Procrastinating

What is it you want?

To move beyond our self-imposed limits and out of our comfort zones we need to stretch ourselves.
Too often we yearn to achieve our potential, we have inspired thoughts only to discover physical/emotional/imagined impairment’s which amazingly pop up on cue:

Our negative beliefs can stop us seeing what’s really possible, they denigrate, destroy and kill joy. Instead of testing reality we stick to our tried and tested structures: Is it true- we can’t get up half an hour earlier for that refreshing jog? Check to see- can I call my old friend, how will it end? Work it out- is there any way I can add a USP to my CV? Instead of listening to our Harsh Inner Critic finding fault or to our sneaky superego “its too late, I can’t do it” Answer those voices. Let it rip, be aware of how we negate our potential. Put things in perspective, self-realization is a life-times journey and remember: Everything worthwhile requires work. Learning is a process, a series of small steps so dare to dream, to play, to enjoy. Take a moment to visualize, to close your eyes, let your imagination take you on a trip. See the view, from planets new, what’s happening in you? Take a different perspective from the one you have used all your life. And when you saw what you see, what’s it like to be a different me? What’s it like for your consciousness? What do you want to say to yourself? When you allow yourself to change your mind and let rip? Take time off and indulge those fantasies. Somewhere deep down, you know what you long for so say ‘it’s ok, go ahead, you may enjoy it”. Explore, create your naturally evolving creativity. Give yourself permission, which voice speaks loudest? Try out something new but watch out for: the old structure, the ingrained saboteur, the resistant character. 

What are you saying you want?

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