What does ambition means to you?

We all have it in some measure. An instinct, a desire to find honour, pride, victory. Why did Francis Drake travel to the North Pole with no sponsor and no reward? No matter what our age or where we are from we want to leave our mark on the world, to prove our existence was worthwhile.

Does your ambition provoke a sense of anxiety and drudgery or a sense of purpose and fulfilment? How do we reach those ambitious limits? Dare to strive for ‘impossible things’, put a smile on the face of friends, knock time off our personal best, experience the awesome reward of giving? It sounds like hard work, it sucks already. Or we can eliminate failure by choosing not to try. Turn ambition on its head. 

Ambition need not be measured with firsts, $, or celebrity status. When have you experienced real success (the reward of ambition)? Think of this moment you felt uplifted? What’s the image? What was happening? When our basic needs are met, do we turn to protecting others and the world we live in (Gandi) or to striving as much as possible to show what is potential (Eddison)? Did Maslow preach ‘stay stuck in the reeds’ or ‘self-realisation’? Ambition need not involve selling our soul.
In the Western world, we have a choice of the above. Really reflecting and recording what makes your heart sing means moving away from the brainwashing norms we are saturated in. Dare to sit with your inner voice and you might find your personal ambition calling. Find out what ambition means to you and how you measure its success?

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