What is ambition and how do we measure success?

If we are not seen to have the former are we failures? Think back, has there ever been a time when you had no ambition in life? Were you in a happy place? Think of a moment when you felt your best, uplifted, what else was happening? Is wanting to do a headstand a silly ambition and wanting to be a CEO desirable?

Can we be a success simply by helping mankind? If our heart feels free and proud by our success in nature, are we without ambition in life? 

Turn ambition on its head.
What needs to happen to reach the ambition of inner peace? Will I still be loved if I am just me? Operating in a goal-oriented system helps us to survive and fulfils our basic needs, but it makes it hard to believe less is more.How can we grow our strength? Will I weaken by choosing the option of jam tomorrow? We pay for our interplay. When caught in the chase for tomorrow’s goal, we fail to communicate with mankind now, today.
What does success look like for you?

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