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My counselling services are now available online via Zoom and Skype calls. All you need is a mobile phone, table or computer/laptop to engage in an active counselling session.
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Becoming a counsellor

Prior to my training as counsellor and psychotherapist, I spent several years in investment banking.  Later, I retrained as a teacher and started my counselling career as a volunteer with Victim Support.  I have always been drawn to helping people, and this brought me to work in counselling services, which provided me with a new sense of purpose in what I was doing. 

I started working with counselling charities and private organisations over 10 years ago.  I am now a counsellor and psychotherapist registered by the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy™). 

I work for Mind™, where I am a counsellor for suicidal ideation and severe mental health issues as well.  In addition, I offer counselling and psychotherapy in Muswell Hill N10 and London Bridge SE1 (the City of London).  I am within easy reach of Central London.

If you want a counselor who sits back saying “tell me more about this…….” or ‘Uh huh” this is not me. 

If you want a highly intellectual type of analysis who spends multiple sessions analyzing dream’s then I am not the right person for you.

I am an active counselor who gets involved in therapy. One who gives advice, homework, reviews and feedback on progress.

I will answer most questions as I believe counselling is a collaborative process.

I know that endless talking about the past does not promote growth or change. 

Many people have excellent insights into their issues yet are still stuck, they may need a powerful psychological jump start to help them move forward. 

Our work together will promote this movement, counseling is not a forever process. You should feel and see change happening. 

I know I can help you and hope that you will feel and enjoy the benefits of working with me. 

I offer brief (6 weeks and renewable) and long term (open ended) therapy. 

Why not meet for an initial session?

Start, just see how it goes and you may be pleasantly surprised. 

I can offer day or evening sessions, some flexibility in session dates is possible.

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My approach

The counselling and psychotherapy service I offer is bespoke to each client.  This service sensitively uses dialogue and other techniques such as art, imagery, CBT, mindfulness, and movement to identify and help the client address the specific obstacles related to the issues they may be facing.  I work in total confidentiality.

It's important for me to be able to offer my clients cutting-edge aspects of psychotherapy and counselling.  I develop my skills on an ongoing basis.  And that’s why I am currently completing further studies in sexual dysfunction and ecopsychology.

My experience

I have 10 years of experience working with clients in the following areas:

• Anxiety, general anxiety disorder, and panic attacks

• Depression and postnatal depression
• Stress and tension
• Low self-esteem and confidence issues
• Absence of direction or meaning in life
• Loss and bereavement
• Life coaching, career support, and personal development
• Cancer
• Anger management
• Child-related issues and parenting difficulties
• Trauma and crisis situations
• Spirituality
• Relationship issues, affairs, or difficulties with relationships at work

In addition to my private practice in London Bridge, SE1 and Muswell HIll, N10, I have also worked with:

• The charity COUI (Children Our Ultimate Investment), providing counselling for teenagers
• local council, providing foster support
• Victim support, providing counselling for victims of physical, sexual issues, as well as domestic violence, crisis, and trauma

My qualifications

• PG diploma in counselling, psychosynthesis & education trust

• certificate in person-centred counselling
• Registered with the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) where I achieved an MBACP
• BA in business studies
• PGCE in education
• Certificate in CBT studies (cognitive behavioural therapy)
• Sexual dysfunction training (spectrum therapy centre)
• Mindfulness training
• Ecopsychology training

What to expect from counselling

In addition to addressing the above issues, counselling fundamentally has the ability to bring about change, explore your potential, and to find the direction you want to take in life.  There’s no magic in counselling, and I don’t have the ability to prescribe pills or lotions.  You won’t be lying down on a couch with me sitting behind you in a white coat.  My approach involves sitting in comfortable chairs where you’ll do most of the talking and I’ll do most of the listening.  From this, we’ll work together to reflect on what’s been discussed and establish the most appropriate way of moving forward.

For counselling and therapy to work, it’s important to build trustworthy relationships.  Though this may take time, you’ll be listened to throughout the process.  I’m here to help guide you towards feeling and seeing a positive change. I’ll also let you know about confidentiality and the BACP™ code of ethics that I work with.  

Terms and conditions

• My fees are on a sliding scale from £50 to £70 depending on income

• After our initial session, you have a week to decide if you wish to continue counselling
• If you need to cancel a session, I require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice – otherwise, my fee will still be charged

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How counselling works

As a psychosynthesis counsellor, I provide simple and effective tools that help you enjoy relationships with others and live the best life you possibly can.  Counselling is perfect for helping you to use your mind to its maximum potential, enhance your relationships, be competent in your work, appreciate all that is beautiful, and to stay calm in moments of crisis.  Not only this, but my reliable services help you to deal with external events that are outside of your control and to deal with internal feelings that overwhelm you and you can't find the answer to.  If you’ve simply lost direction or you’re struggling with any aspect of your life, therapy has the potential to help.

Conditions that counselling helps with

• Depression and anxiety

• Loss of confidence 

• Relationship difficulties

• Issues caused by crisis situations, such as bereavement grief, trauma, anger, or a lack of direction

Considering therapy? Find out how it can transform your life:

The majority of us build a set of coping mechanisms throughout our lives that can help us to face life’s challenges as they arise. Common coping methods include meditation, reaching out to some self-help literature or taking up a regular fitness regime. We also each have friends and family on whom we count for love and support. Yet, with all good intentions, it’s difficult for them to be unbiased or to tell us things they fear may hurt us. Nor are they able to understand all that they see and hear in us.

Psychotherapy is often referred to as “talking treatment” as it is usually based on creating a regular time and space for an individual to talk about his problems, explore difficult feelings and work towards solutions with a trained professional. Other forms of therapy may include a variety of communication methods, such as writing, music or artwork.

If you are considering therapy, but are perhaps a little sceptic, thinking along the lines of ‘what can they tell me that I haven’t already thought of myself’? Or perhaps perceiving therapy as a cure for self-obsessed celebrities or others with too much time or money on their hands, take a minute to look at the following, proven benefits that therapy can bring to anyone’s life. Bear in mind that while psychotherapy is often not a quick fix the gains here are deep and long lasting:

1. Research in the field has continuously shown that verbalizing feelings and getting one’s worries out in the open have a significant therapeutic effect on the brain.

2. A professional therapist has the ability to listen in a very different way to other people, and therefore is capable of hearing what others do not, even the speaker himself…This means that a professional can recognize shame where others hear aggression, fear where others hear anger. This invaluable ability can allow the speaker to get a completely new perspective, a different way of hearing and recognising his or hers feelings and emotions.

3. Therapy can also help one understand others, and this enhanced understanding has a positive influence on relationships with family, friends and co-workers.

4. Exploring one’s past and individual circumstances in a confidential set up helps people to feel less on their own and identify choices for change. This ongoing support, throughout the highly challenging path of change, helps a person to reach a state where he or she is better equipped to cope with the future.

As my client you will be positively and warmly accepted for all that you are. I will see your world and your relationship to it as it appears to you, and I will help you to move out of your difficulties and towards your goals. I offer the benefit of unbiased, honest feedback based on years of training and experience. Working with me, you can speak openly and in private. I am dedicated to helping you expand your sense of well-being.

I invite you to read the rest of this site and if you are looking for a psychotherapist in Highgate, Muswell Hill or London Bridge area.

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