New: Online counselling: Benefit from my counselling and psychotherapy sessions in the comfort of your own home.
My counselling services are now available online via Zoom and Skype calls. All you need is a mobile phone, table or computer/laptop to engage in an active counselling session.
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Counselling & Psychotherapy Reviews 

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“Helped opened my heart and mind”

"Her kindness, diligence, and knowledgeable approach helped opened my heart and mind, allowing me for the first time ever to talk freely about myself.  I wish I knew how to thank Mary for all the positive effects her counselling and guidance has given me." 

Client with bereavement and trauma Issues

“Provided me with an outlet for my emotions”

"I found the counselling I received helped me immensely.  It provided me with an outlet for my emotions, and it soon became an event that I looked forward to.  It enabled me to look at problems with a clearer head, and I truly believe it has been most beneficial to my recovery."

Client with grief, anxiety, and depression issues in London

“She enabled me to really move forward”

"I had 12 sessions with Mary, and she helped me a great deal.  I found her very intuitive, calm, kind, and patient.  I definitely benefitted hugely from my weekly hour with her, and she enabled me to really move forward."

Client with confidence, stress, and depression issues in London

“Exactly what I needed”

"I came to Mary with self-confidence issues and anxiety, particularly in social situations.  During my sessions with Mary, I was able to confront the reasons for my feelings of anxiety and develop new ways of thinking that have helped me immensely in moving forward in a positive direction.  Mary's calm and patient approach was exactly what I needed, and I'm extremely grateful for her help in working towards a better me."

Client with anxiety and confidence issues in London

“I would recommend her to anyone”

“Mary helped me through a difficult period of my life.  I had twelve sessions with her, which helped me to see more clearly and to overcome some grief and relationship issues I had.  She is easy to talk to, very kind, and wise.  I would recommend her to anyone with similar problems.”