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MARY MCILROY, Counselling & Psychotherapy
in North and Central london 

About Me

Welcome, I believe there is no reason for anyone to continue to feel anxious or depressed and also believe that negative situations can be used as a catalyst to push you forward and even motivate you toward achieving the lasting changes you desire. As a person with epilepsy, I had to learn how to turn a disability into an advantage and how to cope with stress and anxiety. I believe I can help turn your vulnerabilities and crises into strengths.  

Comprehensive counselling

Talking about your problems has the potential to transform them.  Discover the benefits of counselling and how to bring about the changes you long for.

Learning to cope with anxiety

Do you wish to overcome anxiety?  I aim to examine and modify any long standing patterns that may interfere with a client's functioning and help you to manage emotions regardless of life's ups and downs.


Developing your self-confidence

Become a better you by working on your self-confidence.  I work tirelessly in order to help you overcome obstacles and enhance your life.

No need to suffer

No matter your issue, I’m ready to assist you in overcoming it.  I’m here to help those who are in a crisis or who suffer from general depression, panic attacks, stress, relationship issues and sexual dysfunction.  My purpose is to help you figure out a way to resolve your difficulties, while aiming to assist you in obtaining happiness and better pursue life goals.  What’s more, I can help with examining and modifying any long-standing patterns that may interfere with your functioning, relationship issues and quality of life.  

Do you wish to overcome anxiety, bring about real change, and pursue satisfaction in your life? 

If this sounds like you, then turn to me for help. Objectives of our work together may include:

• Bringing out the best in yourself

• Allowing your strengths to guide you
• Flourishing and growing rather than just coping
• Being the best you can be
• Experiencing happiness and joy as a way of life
• Increasing closeness and intimacy in your relationships
• Feeling productive and purposeful in your work
• A significant shift in perspective
• A new foundation of awareness and self-esteem
• A degree of relief from the pressures of painful emotions
• Being able to accept the people and things you cannot change
• Centring your life on your values and the people you love
• Learning to manage emotions well on a daily basis – regardless of life’s ups and downs

Effective methods

Backed by more than 10 years of experience, I use a variety of methods to help access self-insight through activities, such as dialogue, art, imagery, or role-playing.  During the work we do together, we strive to identify ineffective patterns of thinking and behaviour, and develop healthier, more effective alternatives.  While providing counselling in a safe environment, I encourage you to take risks, try new things, and practise the change you hope to achieve in the world outside.  All aspects of the counselling process are designed to help you experience real behavioural change and eliminate the problems that impede healthy relationships.

Together, we will look at your life history and the reasons why you are continuing with the behaviour that contributes to your anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship issues, depression, and misery.  Remember, no situation is too difficult to work on.  Every person is unique, and I tailor make a bespoke plan that fits your specific needs.  I strive to offer the highest quality care, and I consult with leading specialists in confidence for my clients. In brief:

• We get a clear picture of your difficulties
• We discuss techniques and strategies to help you when in need
• You realise you have a choice of behaviours and implement your choice of strategy
• You realise counselling is a commitment and you have the responsibility for making changes
• We review your progress, successes, difficulties, and what further changes are possible
• You decide if you have achieved your goal and how much more counselling is necessary (if any)

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My approach

As an active counsellor, I get involved during my therapy sessions.  I won’t just sit back and say ‘tell me more’ and give you an in-depth analysis using jargon you won’t understand.  Instead, I’ll give honest and expert advice, homework, and reviews and feedback on progress.  I believe that counselling is a collaborative process, and that’s why I’ll answer all questions to the best of my ability.

Simply talking about the past does not promote growth or change.  If you’re looking for a powerful psychological jump-start to help move forward, then you’ve come to the right place.  I’ll work with you to help promote this movement.  Counselling is not a forever process – you should see and feel changes happening.  I know that I can help you, and I hope that you’ll feel and enjoy the benefits of working with me.

My role as a counsellor/ therapist

Accredited by the Professional Standards Authority™ and a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy™), you can rely on me to cater to your needs.  Through victim support, trauma agencies, and COUI work, I have extensive experience in the following areas:

• Anxiety and panic attacks
• Depression
• Stress and tension
• Low self-esteem and confidence issues
• Absence of direction or meaning in life
• Loss and bereavement
• Life coaching and personal development
• Cancer
• Postnatal depression
• Child-related issues and parenting difficulties
• Trauma and crisis situations
• Spirituality
• Difficulties in relationships or at work

Arrange a session

Whether you’re looking for brief or long-term therapy, I offer brief and open-ended therapy.  Come and join me for an initial session to find out how I’m able to help you – you may just be pleasantly surprised.  I offer both day or evening sessions, though there is some flexibility with what I work.  I also offer my services as a counsellor to Mind™.  This means I voluntarily help people with suicidal ideation and severe mental health issues.

To make counselling and psychotherapy more accessible, I work evenings and offer total flexibility to be able to cater to your needs.  I work on specific short-term issues as well as on an open-ended basis in Central London, London Bridge SE1, and North London (Muswell Hill N10).  As I'm a short walk from London Bridge station SE1, I am within easy travelling distance for Central London, East London, and South East London.

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